FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What types of dances does Kinderhula offer?

In the past, I have offered classes at the Beechwood Clubhouse in Newport News, via Yorktown Parks and Recreation, and then the
Newport News Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

I currently offer classes at our studio in the Mariner Building in Newport News on Warwick Blvd. We offer Hawaiian hula, ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), Maori, and dances from the Cook Islands and Tokelau.
What types of events does Kinderhula perform for?
Our Kinderhula students will host a recital for family and friends and may perform at various community events.
Our performance group will perform for a variety of functions, such as lu'au and birthdays, for a fee.

Is Kinderhula a group of dancers? 
Kinderhula is a Polynesian dance program which offers lessons to children and who participate in a recital and optional community events.  For more on the instructor's background and experience please click on "About Us" on the menu. 

Our performance group are a group of children and young women who perform at functions for a fee. We are also available for complimentary performances at public community events, such as festivals, fairs, and events at senior centers. Inquiries are welcome.

Is the instructor of Hawaiian/Polynesian ethnicity?
Yes. I am an island blend of Chinese, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Moroccan, and Caucasian ethnicities. I am the "Hampton Roads' Ambassador of Aloha."

I am interested in a Hawaiian Style band. Do you offer this?

I know some musicians who may be able to accommodate you, but there is no guarantee that they are available.

For your performance group, how is an event/lesson price determined?
Prices fluctuate due to various factors, such as distance being traveled, current fuel prices, any parking fees (garage/meter parking), day of performance, costumes, and choreography time and practice time for the event are included in total package cost.  It also takes many hours of practice time for just one event.
Will your performers make costume changes?
Yes, necessary costume changes may be taken  and are included in total show time.

Do I have to provide a stereo for dancer's music?
We would be glad to provide the use of a small stereo/boombox for our music on CD. At this time, there is no band, DJ, or PA system provided. Dancers will arrive prior to performance time to set up performance area  which is included in total price. If a stereo system or DJ is present at your event, we will be glad to have them play our CD or mp3 player.
Does the client have to provide anything for the scheduled event?
Yes, the client is to provide:
 -a private dressing area which is a room for costume changes which guests will not be using.
-any extension cord(s) for dancer's boombox.
-a safe environment: no vulgarity or disrespect to the dancers and at least 15 feet x 15 feet area for performance with  "safe" flooring (since dances are done in bare feet). 
-If performance will be done indoors, ceiling height must be at least 12 feet for poi ball dance to be performed.
-Please be sure to place all "delicate" indoor and outdoor home decorations away from performance area.
Please note the following disclaimer which must be signed and agreed to prior to event:
Kinderhula is not responsible for any damage that any dancer, dance implement, costume, music, sound system, or dance may cause to any person(s) or object(s). Audience participation is "at will" and not required: hula is an aerobic activity and can be straining on particular parts of the body. We are not responsible for ANY injury that may be caused to participant, audience, guest, child, animal, staff, or any person(s).

How do we give back to the community?
Kinderhula students may perform at various community functions and we plan to donate a portion of our performance fee to the Hula Preservation Society which is a non-profit organization preserving hula and the Hawaiian culture. Please visit their website for more information www.hulapreservation.org .

Is there a family discount?

Yes. The first member of your family pays full tuition while each additional family member gets a 50% discount.

Are there any extra material fees or additional monthly costs?

Yes, you may need to purchase costumes for performances. 


I have a medical condition. Is this style of dance physically strenuous?

The ancient form of hula (kahiko) may require a low stance close to the ground for long periods of time. Kahiko at times can also be a cardio workout. Yet auana may be a lot less strenuous as the dances are performed in a more upright position and most are slow and graceful. Other forms of Polynesian dancing also range from gentle to strenuous. It is your responsibility (parents if the student is a minor) to get physician approval prior to enrolling in dance classes.


Can I choose to learn just hula auana and not hula kahiko?

Traditionally, the answer is no. However, if you have a medical condition that will limit or restrict you from strenuous physical activity, please consult with me.

I have heard that the Hawaiians worshipped pagan gods and goddesses such as the goddess of fire, Pele. Will we be worshiping idols or pagan gods?

No, we will not. I am Christian and I do not participate in paganistic rituals. However, you will be responsible for learning about the various

gods and goddesses and the role they played in Hawaiian mythology.

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